Breathing Apparatus

Ash Safety have a large range of breathing apparatus available for both hire and sales from simple to use fresh air and escape sets to fully self-contained breathing apparatus sets that are suitable for all types of confined space entry requirements.

We also offer trolley systems or a lightweight breathing apparatus trailer which allows your workforce or rescue party increased working times. The selection of these types of sets should be part of a thorough risk assessment.

For protection against dust particles, chemicals, smells and airborne particulates we offer a range of negative pressure units from disposable masks to a full face unit with a large range of filter options.

If you do not see a suitable unit for your requirements please contact us on 01404 43000 / 01404 44007 and we will endeavor to supply you with the product you need.

Chemical Re-breathers Esacpe Sets Fresh Air BA Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Trolley Sets, Air Lines & Trailers

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