Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus

Fresh Air BA

Fresh Air BA Elements - Gas Board Contractors Set Fresh Air BA Mask Turbo Flo Blower Unit Turbo Flo Hoses and Connector Fresh Air BA and Turbo Flo Unit in use
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The MSA fresh air breathing apparatus set, offers a versatile solution for specific use breathing apparatus. The set can operate over 9mtrs unassisted, but with the use of a Turbo-Flo blower unit, can operate 2 personnel to a distance of 54mtrs.

These sets allow for long duration work and are comfortable to wear. The sets offer a simple safe method of work ideal for tank cleansing.

Remember, always ensure the blower unit is situated in clean air and up wind from the entrance or vent of the tank or vessel to be cleaned.

  • Provides respiratory protection when it is possible to keep the air intake of the supply hose in fresh air.
  • Robust design and reliable construction.
  • Easy to carry and maintain.
  • Provides great freedom of movement (when breathing hoses positioned over shoulders).
Weekly hire rate excluding VAT
MSA Fresh Air set complete with Mask, Belt, Spike and 9m Hose (Gas Board Contractors Set) £28.00
MSA Turbo Flow 110v Blower Unit for the above £35.00
MSA 9m Extension Hose £9.00
MSA 18m Extension Hose £18.00
Hose to Hose Coupler £1.00
Sales price excluding VAT
3S Full Face Mask £282.00
Turbo Flo Twin Breathing Tube £274.60
Turbo Flo Waistbelt Assembly £159.00
MSA 9m Extension Hose £407.10
Turbo Flow Spike and Clip £106.10
Turbo Flow End Filter £83.10
Hose to Hose Coupler £76.40
Service price excluding parts and VAT
MSA Fresh Air Set with Mask, Belt, Spike and 9m Hose £45.00

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