Air Purity Test Training

Air Purity Test Training at Ash Safety

The quality of compressed air used in breathing apparatus is specified in the European Standard EN12021:2014 - Respiratory protective devices – Compressed Air for breathing apparatus. It is vital that compressed air used in respiratory applications is in accordance with the required standards to prevent risk to human health.

The standard specifies that in all circumstances all contaminants shall be kept to levels below the national occupational exposure limits as defined by the Health and Safety Executive (EH40). The standard applies to self-contained compressed air breathing apparatus used above ground and underwater (SCUBA). It also applies to systems supplying breathing air via an airline, escape devices and systems supplying synthetic air.

Requirements are specified in the standard for permissible levels of oxygen, lubricants, odour, taste, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and water content in compressed breathing air.

This course is designed to instruct and then assess each candidate in conducting Air Purity Tests to satisfy BS EN 12021 : 2014.

It covers all of the appropriate legislation with hands on practical use for gas detection tubes and automated systems such as the F6000 safe-air tester and recording their findings. This training can be applied to both high and low pressure systems with information that allows a certificate to be issued if the candidate passes.

The whole process is recorded along with all findings from skill tests and work products so that competence can be assured.

Course Price: £850.00 +VAT for up to 8 people

Course Duration: ½ day


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