Pole Hoists

Pole Hoist

Pole Hoist in use Pole Hoist with T-Bar Leg Assembly Pole Hoist set up with winch and t-bar Pole Hoist attached to anchor
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The Pole Hoist is an extremely versatile piece of confined space entry, retrieval and rescue equipment. Simply hook the universal bracket to a suitable anchor point and the unit is ready to work in any direction. The pole hoist can get where a tripod may not be able to be used. It is extremely light and easily connected to davit arms or ceiling anchors. The floor bar makes operation of the winch easier as it makes a platform to aid in the winch recovery process.

The Pole Hoist has a unique swivel head that rotates 360°, providing unparalleled flexibility in both vertical and horizontal confined space entries. Overall length is adjustable from either 1.2m to 2.13m or 1.8m to 3.05m, this makes it’s positioning possibilities the most flexible in the market place. The pole hoist can be used in conjunction with the A-Frame, Porta-Gantry and Porta-Gantry Rapide.

Custom Pole Hoists can also be made, so should you need a specific range please give us a call on 01404 43000 / 01404 44007.

Weekly hire rate excluding VAT
Pole Hoist 1.2m to 2.1m with T-Bar Leg Assembly £40.00
Pole Hoist 1.8m to 3.05m with T-Bar Leg Assembly £40.00

Item does not include Winches or Fall Arrest Retrive Blocks

Sales price excluding VAT
Pole Hoist 1.2m to 2.1m £1,647.40
Pole Hoist 1.8m to 3.05m £1,791.30
Pole Hoist T-Bar Leg Assembly £540.40
Service price excluding parts and VAT
Pole Hoist £40.00

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