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Portable Socket Test Davit

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An inovative portable davit arm socket tester from Reid Lifting for testing fixed sockets up to 9.6kN.m.

The portable socket test davit removes the need for test weights to be employed and thus carried to the test site especially if these are in remote locations.

The portable socket test davit can be used in conjunction with the Stath Digital Tensile Tester to offer a test solution that is far safer with far less weight needing to be carried around with the tester. The calculations for the tests have been verified through the engineering department at Reid Lifting in conjunction with Staht digital load testing devices. Used together the units deliver a test that ensures that the davit socket will not fail when an actual load is rotated through 360 degrees providing the technician conducting the test is Reid Lifting approved and applies the general loading principles.

Photographs and detailed test reports are available post testing via the Stath app giving a verifiable test solution.

The portable socket test davit can also be used with a Porta-Gantry Rapide, where it is not possible to conduct a push test and allows a chain block and load cell to be used to conduct a vertical load test.

Ash Safety are proud to be Fischer Fixings, Reid Lifting and Staht fully approved distributors which mean that we can provide testing solutions for what ever standard you need to address, BS7883, BS8539, BS8610, EN365 and EN795, that also includes all of the technical back up.

Weekly hire rate excluding VAT
Portable Socket Test Davit £125.00
Sales price excluding VAT
Portable Socket Test Davit £1,796.28
Service price excluding parts and VAT
Portable Socket Test Davit £40.00
Maximum Test Capacity: 9.6kN.m
Physical Weight: Column: 10kg Beam: 10kg
Test Davit Dimensions: Height: 668mm Radius: 1000mm

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