BA Cylinder Breakthrough

Non limited life cylinders that conform to EN122245

Non Limited Life (NLL), 30% lighter than conventional composite cylinders tested
to EN12245 with 300 bar working pressure and certified for underwater use.

Anyone who wears Breathing Apparatus on a regular basis knows the advantage of composite cylinders over steel. A composite weighs around a quarter of the weight of steel cylinders and lead to far less stress and better posture for the user. Combine this with a usual 300 bar charging capacity and you also have a longer duration time despite the cylinder weighing less.

The problem is that there has always been a trade off in the cost associated with composite cylinders and the fact that they have an end of life cycle, usually 15 years. So they are a very expensive addition to the cost of the set, even though they improve safety to the wearer for all of the above reasons.

So we are delighted to be able to offer our latest ultralight cylinders for general sale and hire.

These cylinders are 30% lighter than any conventional composite cylinders with rubber bump guards, top and bottom included. The cylinders are all made with an M18 x 1.5 mm valve thread and this can be replaced if the thread ever fails when tested. This means they are truly serviceable and boast the very latest EN12245 certification. This certification certifies that the cylinders are given a Non Limited Life (NLL) status. Meaning that they can be tested and tested and tested until they fail a hydro static test. Even then, if the test fails due to the valve thread being stretched this can then be replaced.

All of the new Ultralight cylinders that we now have in stock have also just passed approval that their aluminium valve insert is now certified for underwater use for 20 years. So these cylinders can now also be used for diving as well. Yes that is right a composite you can use for diving. This is due to the plastic pet liner and the patented technology of the design.

The cylinders have also had flash testing performed on them to the recognized standards so they are suitable for fire brigade use. To ensure harmonized standards for your BA set the cylinder valve must be a genuine one as supplied by the BA manufacturer who makes your set. So a Scott valve for a Scott set and so on. Standard composite cylinders that have come to the end of their allowable life or been damaged that have serviceable valves on them can have these valves fitted to the Ultralight cylinders, this gives a cost reduction.

So take all of these advantages and you have increased safety available for all for not much more than the cost of a steel cylinder.

Bringing you the latest in technology that delivers actual safety has always been, and always will be, our primary concern.