Calibration Gas & Regulators

Calibration Gas

Calibration Gas
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Calibration gas is an important part in the maintenance of your gas detector to ensure that the sensors are reacting to the gas you are looking for. Calibration gas does have a shelf life and must not be used beyond the end of life date.

The gas is suitable for both bump tests and calibration and one 110 litre cylinder will perform around 150 bump tests or 100 calibrations.

A bump test verifies that your sensors are working and that the cells have not gone blind to gas. This is vital as the initial checks that are done at start up only verify that all electrical systems are working. IT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS SAFE TO USE, only a bump test will confirm this.

If you are in doubt about the gas values or combinations your detector requires please give us a call as this is very important.

Sales price excluding VAT
Altair 4, 4X & 4XR: 110 litre 4 cal gas O2, CH4, H2S & CO £164.64
Multivision & Multi Pro: 110 litre cal O2, CH4, H2S & CO £164.64
Tetra 3 & Triple++: 110 litre cal O2, CH4, H2S & CO £164.64
PS200: 110 litre cal O2, CH4, H2S & CO £164.64

We can also supply single gases to your requirements but this should be discussed with our team on 01404 43000 / 01404 44007.


Calibration Gas Regulators

Manual and Automatic Calibration Gas Regulators Tygon Tubing
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Calibration gas regulators do exactly as their name implies. They screw into the fitting on your calibration gas cylinder and regulate the flow to the value the manufacturer has recommended. They simply turn on and off with a thumb screw and allow the flow rate of the regulator to come out.

These items usually last for many years and are simply refitted to your new cylinder when you have exhausted or can no longer use the gas in the cylinder it is on.

On demand regulators are fitted in exactly the same way but are used in conjunction with the manufacturer’s calibration / bump test station as they require a vacuum to cause the flow.

Sales price excluding VAT
½ litre per minute regulator £107.19
¾ litre per minute regulator £107.19
1 litre per minute regulator £107.19
On demand regulator for vacuum test stations £269.85
Tygon Tubing (priced per metre)
Connection caps may be required for some products

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