P-W60/120L Winch Activation Re-setting

Re-setting a P-W60/120L Winch after Braked Lowering Activation

If the braked lowering facility is being used on a Sala P-W60 or 120L winch and the wearer has slipped off the ladder or taken a fall the emergency brake will activate.

A common mistake is then to try to lower the wearer to the required depth. The handle though will appear to go very solid in the lowering direction of the wind. This is because the system needs to be re-set.

This is done by making one full rotation of the recovery handle in the upwards direction.

Now the wearer can be raised or lowered using the recovery handle or the braked lowering facility can be re-used.

We have had some operatives use brute force when this happens and they then destroy the input shaft. This is very costly and is nothing other than complete disregard for safety.