Harness Minimum Inspection Period

Harnesses have always been a problem when it comes down to certification.

The regulations stated that as it came under PPE, the regime for this in the UK was generally that inspection / certification should be done every 12 months if only used for fall arrest.

This has though, in recent times, come into question with the minimum time period now being considered to be 6 months or less if the environment they are used in is considered as being harsh.

Your inspection regime should be developed and monitored by a competent person as part of your risk assessment and should include considerations such as:

  • Enviromental factors e.g. use in areas where sharp objects may be present or contamination likely
  • The manufacturer's instructions / advice
  • Frequency and type of inspection required and by whom
  • Action to be taken on finding defects
  • Training
  • Recording of inspections

If there is ever any doubt as to the safety of a harness it should be destroyed.

Inspected harness