EN Designation Standard

The EN designation standard for all forms of height safety was designed to ensure uniformity throughout Europe. The standard is clear for each application and must be shown where an item meets this. So a harness that is used with a fall arrestor but can also be used with a winch must show both numbers; EN361 and EN1497. If the harness only displays a single EN number then that is all it must be used for.

The picture shows a typical harness displaying EN358, EN361 and EN813 and as such defines that it can be used for Work Positioning, Fall Arrest and a Sit Harness.

Below is a table listing the EN numbers that we feel are most useful to the services we offer. The list is not exhaustive and some designations may have other parts attached that limit their use. In these instances always seek specialist advice.

Harness label showing EN Designations
EN341 Descender Devices for use in Rescue
EN353-1 Guided Fall Arrestors that include Rigid Anchor Lines
EN353-2 As above but with Flexible Anchor Lines
EN354 Lanyards
EN355 Energy Absorbers
EN358 Work Positioning, Restraints and Positioning Lanyards
EN360 Retractable Fall Arrestors
EN361 Full Body Harness for Fall Arrest
EN362 Connectors
EN363 Personal Fall Protection Systems
EN795 Anchor Devices
EN813 Sit Harnesses
EN1496 Rescue Lifting Devices
EN1497 Rescue Harness attachment