Hard Line Communication

CSI-2000 Hard Line Communication System

CS-2000 Hard Line Communication System CS-2000 Head Set & Throat Mic CS-2000 Transport Cases
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Hard line communication is perfect when radios cannot be used due to interference or there operation is difficult due to what is being worn.

The hard line system has a master box which feeds the other wearers. The wearer can choose what is best to fit the task they are doing, from a straight forward headphone and boom mic set to throat mic’s and mini over ear speakers. These can be voice activated or push to talk dependent upon your needs.

The circuit is open unless push to talk pads are used, without the push to talk all operatives can speak at once which in some cases can be useful.

When used with airline sets the cable is often fixed to the airline hose rather than having to trail 2 separate fittings.

The set has ATEX classification and can have various lengths of cable used to suit your distance requirement.

This make a perfect solution where a loss of communication simply is not an option.

Weekly hire rate excluding VAT
Command Module £150.00
Head Set £30.00
Throat Mic £30.00
10m Talking Rope £22.50
15m Talking Rope £27.50
20m Talking Rope £37.50
30m Talking Rope £40.00
75m Talking Rope £50.00

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