Gas Detector Docking Stations

MGC Dock

MGC IR Docking Stations MGC P IR Docking Stations MGC Simple Docking Stations
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The MGC docks are an all-in-one stand-alone docking station designed for maximum testing efficiency and portability. They can test up to four detectors simultaneously, reducing the testing time and gas usage.

They are easy to use with only two buttons, one for bump tests and one for calibration. A bump test takes about 20 seconds and a calibration around 90 seconds to complete.

Every test will perform the following maintenance operations:

  • Upgrade each detector’s firmware (if required)
  • Set the detector’s date and time (if supported)
  • Test each detector’s beeper
  • Configure each detector’s user options (as required)
  • Download each detector’s logs
  • Record the test to the USB memory which can be transferred to a computer for analysis.

They are available either as a stand alone unit in a rugged case or as a wall mounted unit in a metal enclosure.

Weekly hire rate excluding VAT
Dock for MGC IR Units £105.22
Sales price excluding VAT
MGC IR Dock £2,295.00
MGC IR Wall Mount Dock £2,295.00
MGC P IR Dock £2,295.00
MGC P IR Wall Mount Dock £2,295.00
MGC Simple Dock £2,295.00
MGC Simple Wall Mount Dock £2,295.00
Service price excluding parts and VAT
MGC Docks P.O.A.

Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System

Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System test pass Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System test fail Galaxy GX2 with non electronic cylinder holder Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System printers
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The Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System offers simple, intelligent testing and calibration for all your Altair detectors.

It can be set as a standalone unit or as an integrated portable gas detector management system for the Altar, Altair PRO Single Gas, Altair 4X and 5X Multigas detectors. Each test stand accommodates one detector but up to 10 stands and 4 cylinder holders can be connected together. Options are available for a single value unit for use with one calibration gas cylinder or with four valves for use with up to four calibration gas cylinders.

The main components of the Galaxy GX2 System include the test stand and optional electronic or non-electronic cylinder holder, multi-unit charger, and receipt/sticker printer.

The unit comes with colour touch screen for ease of setup and viewing with clear navigation via large touch buttons and scrolling arrows.

The system automatically identifies the type of gas detector inserted into the stand and then performs bump tests and/or calibration based on user defined settings. The test results are clearly displayed on the screen once testing is complete.

The data collected from each test event is stored to a memory card or to the optional Link Pro software application for data analysis. The optional printer enables you to produce calibration and bump result receipts and calibration stickers.

The Link Pro software can be used to network the test stand to a PC or server through an Ethernet cable. The software offers:

  • Database storage of instrument periodic and session datalogs
  • Automatic or customised reports from the collected data
  • Single glance notification of instruments that are overdue for calibration or bump test
  • Email notifications of Galaxy GX2 system and instrument warnings and error messages
  • Single setting configuration of all Galaxy GX2 units in a bank so there is no need to individually configure each test stand
Sales price excluding VAT
In view of the configuration options available for the Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System please contact us on 01404 43000 to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a personalised quotation. P.O.A
Service price excluding parts and VAT
Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System P.O.A.

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