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Sala P-W60L/P-W120L

The man rated Sala P-W60L lightweight full man riding winch, offers an 18 metre wire rope with the P-W120L offering a 37 metre wire rope. It is manually operated by simply rotating the handle to raise or lower personnel or materials, there is a galvanised or stainless steel wire cable option on either model.

Both units have a brake lowering facility and incorporate a safety overload, so that the wearer can not be injured upon recovery. These winches have the Sala quick fit mount fitted as standard.  

Both units have a 6:1 gear ratio with an average lifting speed of 3.8 metres per minute, the safety hook also offers an impact indicator to show if the unit has taken an impacted load, hence requiring a full service. There is a free wheel facility allowing the operative to descend step irons or ladder rungs at a speed that they are comfortable with. If the operative should slip or fall there is an over speed braked clutch for safety.  

Description: Sales: Weekly Hire: Servicing:
P-W60L Full Man Riding Winch 18 metre Rope £1582.00 £70.00 £60.00
P-W120L Full Man Riding Winch 37 metre Rope £1729.00 £85.00 £60.00
Service prices exclude parts

Advanced 88 Metre Digital Winch

Sala Advanced Digital Winch

The Sala advanced digital winch is a man riding winch with an 88 metre capacity ideal for deep excavations. The winch has 2 drives in which the handle can be fitted allowing for 2 speeds of deployment or recovery.

With the addition of the overload protection drive the winch can be powered using an electric drill through the high speed recovery drive, although the winch still retains a full manual system too. This allows deep drops to be recovered relatively quickly in comparison to many hand operated winches.

A risk assessment for this item is essential as this winch does not offer a braked lowering facility or safety slipping clutch as in the P-W range, also from Sala.

Advanced digital winch drives
Description: Sales: Weekly Hire: Servicing:
Advanced 88m digital winch £2594.00 £250.00 £60.00
Service prices exclude parts

Didsbury LLRTZ

The LLRTZ is a full man riding winch with the added use of being able to lift goods to the weight of 254kgs. The LLRTZ offers a 9 metre cable length and with its patented retrieval drum allows the rope to be recovered or lowered with virtually no load attached to the safety hook.

The unit also features a governed descent mechanism which does not allow the operative or load to accelerate too quickly in any circumstances 

Description: Sales: Weekly Hire: Servicing:
Didsbury LLRTZ 9m Full Man Riding Winch with Braked Lowering and Goods Lifting Capabilities 2450.00 110.00 90.00
Service prices exclude parts

Rollgliss R350

The Rollgliss R350 is the base model which is available in 3 further formats, offering a 2:1, 3:1 and 5:1 reduction system dependant upon your requirements.

The R350 man riding winch can be used for either working or rescue, this unit comes into its own for chimneys, towers masts. The operative can self ascend or lower to his given task, the R350 also allows for a top man to have control, allowing him to recover the operative if the need so arises.

The R350 in its 5:1 ratio can also be used to recover 2 operatives at once, making it a very practical recovery system. The fall required is worked out on which unit is ordered by the ratio, a 2:1 for instance with a 50 metre rope fitted would give a fall of 25 metres, where as the 5:1 would have a fall of 10 metres. We have listed a number of options but these units really need to be built to operational or risk assessment needs

Description: Sales: Weekly Hire: Servicing:
R350 3:1 Kit, with 60m Rope (20m fall), 2 Jumars, Lanyards and Kit Bag £1091.48 £74.00 £60.00
AG6350000 Rolgliss R350 £465.00 N/A £60.00
AG6350ST21 Rolgliss R350 2:1 £580.00 N/A £60.00
AG6350ST31 Rolgliss R350 3:1 £640.00 N/A £60.00
AG6350ST51 Rolgliss R350 5:1 £656.00 N/A £60.00
AG6720040 Rope 40m Flex Static ø 9mm £115.00 N/A N/A
AG6720060 Rope 60m Flex Static ø 9mm £165.00 N/A N/A
AG6720040 Rope 80m Flex Static ø 9mm £212.00 N/A N/A
AG6720100 Rope 100m Flex Static ø 9mm £264.00 N/A N/A
AG501 Adjustable Rescue Seat and Strap £90.50 N/A N/A
AG6800260 Rope Control Device £98.50 N/A N/A
AG6800260B Rope Control Device with Brake £121.00 N/A N/A
AG6800300 Winch £526.00 N/A N/A
AG6800300B Winch with Brake £630.00 N/A N/A
AL432 Twin Leg Braided Rope 1m ø 10.5mm with Loops £18.00 N/A N/A
AG6800621 Carrying Bag for up to 100m Rope £72.50 N/A N/A
AG6800622 Carrying Bag for up to 250m Rope £91.00 N/A N/A
KJ5105S Detachable Steel Screw Gate Karabiner 17mm Opening £11.50 N/A N/A
Service prices exclude parts

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