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T4 models give outstanding light output using advanced, long life halogen or xenon bulbs, set in a high quality parabolic reflector, coupled with alkaline cell approval, giving up to 12 hours of light output. The T4+ halogen models are fitted with a low power warning circuit, illuminating a red indicator when battery voltage is low. Alternatively T6 approval allows use in any Zone 1 or 2 atmospheres, with optimum light output in this temperature class, and a 5 hour duration.

The Wolf ATEX Torch range is CE marked compliant with the 94/9/EC ATEX Explosive Atmospheres Equipment Directive. BASEEFA Certification is to the latest standards, for use in potentially explosive gas, vapour and mist atmospheres, zones 1 and 2, temperature class T6 or T4. Dust ignition protection covers use in zones 21 and 22, with the certified maximum surface temperatures of 65°C or 95°C. Temperature ambient use is from - 20°C to a maximum of 40°C or 55°C, as specified in the instructions.

Weekly hire rate excluding VAT
Wolf Straight 2 Cell Torch £5.00
Wolf Right Angle 2 Cell Torch £5.00
Sales price excluding VAT
Wolf Straight 2 Cell Torch £28.00
Wolf Right Angle 2 Cell Torch £28.00

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Wolf H-251 Handlamp

Wolf H-251 Handlamp Wolf H-251 Handlamp Side View Wolf H-251 Handlamp Charger Wolf H-251 Handlamp Replacement Battery Wolf H-4DCA Handlamp

The Wolflite H-251 is a rechargeable Handlamp approved by BASEEFA and suitable for use in hazardous zones 1 and 2. Since its launch in 1980 the Wolflite has found a place as the market leader in hazardous area portable lighting equipment. Applications include the Petrochemical and Offshore industries, Fire-fighting, Gas and Water distribution, in short wherever a potentially explosive atmosphere may occur.

The Wolflite is constructed in highly durable polypropylene co-polymer, designed to withstand the effects of heavy industrial use. The glass lens is scratch and scuff resistant and will not discolour when in contact with chemicals. The entire product has been 'drop' tested for damage and both the outer and inner components proved equally highly resilient.

Many unique design features are incorporated in the H-251 Handlamp, including; an interlock mechanism preventing internal access when the lamp is in use, short circuit protection via a ceramic fuse and a magnetically operated, hermetically sealed Reed Switch to avoid open internal sparking. The rechargeable battery pack is made up of two sealed lead acid cells assembled into a robust casing. This battery pack has a recharge/discharge life of approximately 500 cycles.

The Wolf H-4DCA offers the same benefits but uses disposable alkaline batteries.

Weekly hire rate excluding VAT
Wolf H-251 Torch with Charger £12.00
Sales price excluding VAT
Wolf H-251 Torch £189.00
Wolf H-251 Charger £123.50
Replacement Rechargeable Battery £103.50
Wolf H-4DCA Torch (batteries are not included) £112.00

Wolf Toplite T3

Wolf Toplite and Charger Wolf Toplite Wolf Toplite Charger

The Toplite T3 Portable Searchlight is the most powerful, fully portable light source approved for use in zones 1 and 2 hazardous areas. It is ideal for use in inspection, maintenance and security applications or in rescue and recovery operations, in the presence of potentially explosive gases or vapours.

Advanced design and the use of quality components ensures a long life for the Toplite, even in heavy industrial use. The Toplite casing is rotationally moulded in lightweight but durable anti-static polyethylene polymer, and is able to withstand drop and impact even at sub zero temperatures. Ergonomic design ensures easy operation with gloved hands; the 3 position toggle switch allows single handed full power/off/low power selection. An Ingress Protection level of IP67 ensures reliable use in excessively wet conditions, with the added benefit that if the Toplite is dropped in water, it will float beam upwards for easy location. The light source is an all glass sealed beam unit, protected by a toughened glass lens. The TL-9050T3 spotlight has a 50 watt halogen lamp, providing a 160,000 candle power spot beam of intense white light, ideal for long distance illumination. The TL-9055T3 floodlight has a 35 watt trapezoidal flood beam, providing a wide angle of illumination over a localised area, perfect for maintenance operations in hazardous areas. High power on the Toplite TL-9050T3 lasts for approximately 70 minutes, low power for up to 130 minutes. On the TL-9055T3, high power lasts approximately 100 minutes, while low power lasts for up to 190 minutes.

The recharge time for a fully discharged battery is 16 hours. Charging at 230V AC is carried out using the compatible Toplite T3 plug top charger, UK or European style. An alternative 230V AC 'lead in, lead out' style charger is available for use elsewhere in the World. The Toplite has an electronic microprocessor control circuit which manages the operation and charging of the lamp. Features provided by this circuit include a multi-coloured state of charge indicator which displays battery capacity in both charge and discharge modes, a low voltage cut-off device which automatically switches off the lamp at the end of discharge, and a 'walk-out mode' which warns the user when low voltage cut-off approaches by automatically switching the beam to low power output and pulsing off once every 15 seconds. The Toplite is also equipped with a power failure illumination facility which is selectable by the user.

Weekly hire rate excluding VAT
Wolf Toplite T3 Hand / Shoulder Strap Torch with Charger £40.00
Sales price excluding VAT
Wolf Toplite T3 Hand / Shoulder Strap Torch P.O.A.
Wolf Toplite T3 Charger £68.35

New units for sale are not ATEX and can only be sold for use on board ships or outside of the EU.


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