Disposable Face Masks

See our Disposable Face Mask and Application Guide for information on selecting the correct mask for your needs.

Alpha Solway 8000 Alphamesh Series

8010 Alphamesh Masks 8020 Alphamesh Masks 8030 Alphamesh Mask

The Alphamesh shell supports the filter media which maintains shape and prevents collapse onto the face. Designed nose clip free for a comfortable fit eliminating the need for regular adjustment, combined with the latest filter technology which promotes low breathing resistance.

The 8000 series is completely metal free making it suitable for food industry applications.

Latest testing using an electronic flow counter has shown that the new 8000 series is one of the highest performance disposable masks in the market place. This ensures the highest level of protection for your operatives at all times.

The 8000 series is available in FFP1, FFP2, FFP2 Carbon and FFP3.

To find the correct protection you require see our application guide.

Sales price excluding VAT
8010 FFP1 – Box of 20 £12.80
8010V FFP1 Exhalation Valve – Box of 10 £9.00
8020 FFP2 – Box of 20 £15.00
8020V FFP2 Exhalation Valve – Box of 10 £19.30
8020CV FFP2 Carbon & Exhalation Valve – Box of 5 £9.30
8030V FFP3 Exhalation Valve – Box of 5 £12.25

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